Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ways That I Am NOT a Minimalist

1) I take too long of showers.

2) I buy too many craft supplies for projects that I don't plan on immediately working on, or even don't have a project in mind.

3) I have too many pieces of clothing.

4) I have too many accessories.

5) My computer has too much junk on it that needs to be gone through.

6) All of my photos need to be digitalized.

7) I have too many toiletries that I don't even use.

8) I keep too many "what if"s.

9) I have too many office supplies

10) I keep a big tupperware box full of "memories" such as ticket stubs that I don't even look through to see my memories; I just add to it.

11) I shop to kill time between appointments when away from home

12) I collect Walt Disney World stuff.

13) I have a hard time getting rid of pricier items, even if I don't use them.

14) I have a stuffed animal addiction. They are hard for me to get rid of cause I feel like I am abandoning them.

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