Saturday, September 24, 2011

Irrational Thoughts That Keep Me from Becoming a Minimalist

"I may need this someday"

"I got a great deal on that and I probably will not run into a deal like that again"

"The person who got me that will be hurt or mad if I got rid of that"

"Getting rid of stuffed animals is like 'abandoning' them"

"I should keep this item for my niece. Sure she is only 10 months old and this toy is for 3+, but it's a great item"

"I can't get rid of my college notes and textbooks! Sure I am not in that major anymore, but I paid a lot for that knowledge"

"That is a collectible! I found it at Goodwill for $0.99 because some crazy person thought it was worthless!"

"I live 40 mins from the nearest craft store. I need to stock up on yarn in every color and weight for when I get the urge to create"

"That ripped shirt could be salvaged for fabric. I don't know what for, but I hate to miss the opportunity for free fabric"

"I should keep that napkin with that restaurants logo on it for a scrapbook"

"I need to keep that VHS because my Netflix queue should be kept for expensive DVDs"

"I don't fit into that shirt now, but I use to and plan to again"

"What if I gain weight? I need to keep this so I have something to wear then"

"This is unique! I will never find one of these again! Well, not without forking over a hefty sum"

"I need to keep those books for when I need credits for the paperback swap"

"I can't give that away! Think of what I could turn it into! Not now of course, but some day..."

"But I spent a small fortune on that"

"I need to buy that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I need to keep this stuff because when I get my own place I don't want it to look empty"

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