Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ways That I AM a Minimalist

1) I am not in debt.

2) I carpool all of my errands together into one day a week.

3) I hardly ever get mail unless it is welcomed.

4) I make most of the gifts I give.

5) If I eat out, I try to get something that will have enough leftovers for another meal.

6) I have got rid of all of my DVD cases and put the DVD's into a DVD box.

7) I only buy craft books that I believe are must haves for any crafter's bookshelf.

8) I use only rechargable batteries.

9) When I do need to shop for something, I try to get the lowest price possible and buy used when it makes sense.

10) I wear only black ankle socks. They don't look dingy like white ones do and if I lost one all I have to do is pair it up with another. No waste, no need to buy more.

11) I carpool as much as possible with my mom. We plan to go out together when we can.

12) I do not own a credit card, therefor I only buy what I have money for.

13) I keep my commitments to a minimal.

14) I have very little paper work I keep, and what I keep is important. It seems that everyone I know has stacks and bags of paperwork and I have next to nothing.

15) My cookbook only has recipes that I absolutely love and have made. Not every recipe on the planet and every recipe that everyone has given me like most people. I learned to not be like my mom in this regard.

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