Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reason Why I Want to Become a Minimalist

* I can pick up and go at any time if need be.

* If there is ever a fire, theft, ect. I know exactly what losses to report.

* I can pack easier and lighter for trips.

* I can save money by not shopping as a habit.

* I can have the things I truly want by picking quality over quantity.

* The less stuff I have the less mess I have to keep up with

* I can have less furniture/space/ect. as I won't have a bunch of items filling it.

* I can save money on moving or storage.

* I can move in easier with my future husband when the time comes. I won't really have to go through things then making an exciting time stressful.

* Less items to dust and dust around.

* More room to do the things I want to whether it be dance or exercise.

* Less stress about people seeing my room because it will always be clean.

* When I have free time I don't have to feel like I have to spend it on "going through stuff" all the time and all those things I have been tied down to. I won't have to feel guilty when I do activities I want to do.

* I will have time to learn KiSwahili like I have always wanted.

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