Sunday, September 4, 2011

Starting on the Road to Freedom

September 1st hopefully marks the start of my life being simplified. I have wanted to simplify and knew how but actually getting it done is really hard for me. What really started my big urge to really get it done this time was a photo archived list of everything that a family from Man vs. Debt owned. I realized that doing this had many benefits for me. So on Sept 1st I opened a Flickr account and started taking pictures. I have discovered that this isn't going to just help me simplify but also organize. I can tag items for their location to quickly find things, I can simplify virtually before even getting into everything and making a bigger mess, and even create packing lists for different things like camping by just dragging pictures into a set. I believe this is the start of something great and I knew that I should start writing about it now to keep my motivation. You can do it, Alisha, you can do it.

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