Sunday, June 24, 2012

Second Day of 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp

Well my health hasn't been 100% lately and migraines have been kicking my butt, so a few days went by.

Day 11 - Books [not complete]
Got rid of 7 books today (5 Craft books, 2 others). I decided that some of my craft books I will likely never use. I had John Grisham's book "The Street Lawyer" for many years. I read half of it when I was much younger, but never finished. Now that I am older I would need to start from the beginning. Well, I have a kindle fire now, so if I was going to read this again I would probably get it in an ebook format anyways, so away it goes.

Day 13 - Movies [done]
I went through my dvd collection today. I had 60 DVDs (not including TV series). I got rid of 8 and I am now left with 52. My Disk Gear dvd box holds 100, so I am doing pretty good. I mean they take up the same amount of room whether I have 100 or 2, so getting rid of those 8 were just to make things simpler since I don't watch them much.

Day 20 - Collections [not complete]
  • Beanie Babies [done] - Went through the rest of my beanie babies. Updated Stats: I had 65 beanie babies, I got rid of 51, I am keeping 14 at the moment (12 Reg, 1 Jingle, 1 Buddy).
  • Disney Items [not complete] - Got rid of a 2000 WDW Snowglobe.
  • Misc. - Got rid of 2 beanie baby like toys

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