Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Day of 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp

6/21/12 Marked my first day of the bootcamp. I worked on my rooms for 13 hours with a break for dinner. I just couldn't stop! Because of this I worked on multiple days of the bootcamp all in that day. I didn't complete all of them 100% but I made a dent.

Day 1 - Masterplan [done]
  • Why do you want to declutter? Noted throughout my blog
  • Are you tripping over stuff? Yes
  • Are you disorganized and losing things all the time? Yes. For instance, I have no idea what happened to my charging tip to the charger that I use for my cellphone and kindle. I took it off and put a tip on to charge me gps one day and now I lost the other one. Also I can not find my 504 documents. I need them at the moment and they are not in my fireproof box where I thought they were. Probably not a huge problem in the end because I am sure the state has a copy. My new camera charger has been missing since I got it (though I am convinced my mom has it since she has the same camera). My hamster is missing. Okay, Samantha isn't actually missing, but she has escaped from her cage before when I accidentally left the door open.
  • Always late because you can’t find your car keys? Actually not really. Sometimes I "lose" them but they are really in my bag where I left them and somehow I didn't see them.
  • Tired of so much “visual chaos”? Yes. I hate it if I drop something tiny like an earring backing or something. It's like trying to find an unfertilized egg in Michelle Dugger. Kidding aside, I actually like the Duggers.
  • Getting ready for a move? No, but I would like to prepare for a "someday" move
  • Feeling stuck and needing a change? Yes
  • Feeling like your “things” are weighing you down? Yes...Anyone starting to feel this is like the depression med commercials?
  • Because your spouse is always griping at you about the mess? Not married.
  • What are your biggest reasons for wanting to declutter? Noted in my blog
  • Problem Areas: Bedroom (Floor), Add. Bedroom (Bed), Craftroom (Floor)
  • Problem Items: Toiletries, Clothes, Hobbies, Collectibles, Tiny odds and ends with no place, items I know I do not need/want but still hold on.
  • Visioning: Already made it possible, just need clutter gone
  • How much time do you have each day? 1 hour minimum.
  • How much stuff do you want to reduce? 75%+
  • How long do you want your decluttering process to take? 2 months or less. Unrealistic? Maybe, but I need to set a goal.
  • What do you want to tackle first? Next? Next? Last? Clothing, Photos, Music, Collections, Toiletries, Books Last: Hobbies

Day 2 - Music [not completed]
Put into 3 piles 1.) Dad's CDs that I need to give back 2.) My CDs 3.) Random CDs I burned (Need to go through and rip some to my laptop

Day 4 - Personal Care [done]
I reduced by quite a bit! I don't know why it was way easier this time. I hand a big box and then some full of random toiletries and such, but had a hard time reducing it. Like, why in the world would I keep my old retainer? I only wore it like 3 short times. I got it my freshman year of high school...I'm 23 now...9 years ago. Does not fit obviously and I never really wore it in the first place. Maybe the guilt of not wearing it while I should of after my parents paid thousands on these pearls? Yeah, that could be it. Well I let go. I have come to realize that even though my teeth did shift, I still get compliments on how nice they are, so I think the only person who sees the imperfections is me.

Day 7 - Clothing [not complete]
Put into bags 1. Donate 2. Sell Online 3. Consignment 4. Keep 5. Need to try on.

Day 11 - Books[not completed]
Got rid of 3 Children's swahili books and Bent Objects book. Have not tackled craft books. I recently got rid of 5 books that I always thought would be in my permanant collection and sent them off in caches with tracking numbers to see where they have been. I realized that I only read e-books now and having the physical books just add to my clutter. I find more joy in seeing someone else enjoy my favorites. (In case you are interested, it was The Giver trilogy, 1984, and Brave New World)

Day 13 Movies and Games[done]
Tackled today: VHS, PS2 games, a GameCube game, Computer Games, a board game - got rid of quite a bit of VHSs, DVDs do not need to be tackled since I already did that. I got rid of a few games that are not compatible with my operating system. I guess I was hoping that they would just suddenly work? I don't know...Maybe someday they will create a compatible Zoombinis: Logical Journey *sigh*

Day 20 - Collections [not completed]
I tackled Beanie Babies today. I can't tell you how many times I have tried going through these and backed out of my decisions. Once we had a yard sale and the first sign that someone was interested I immediately said that they were not for sale (I wasn't being mean, it was someone I knew. I explained my attachment). I have this issue with stuffed animals in general. I have this wierd thing where I have a gut feeling that they have souls and I feel like I am abandoning them...I have a problem. Kept 11regular + 1 mini + 1 large (need to find the other bag of beanie babies and continue). I will probably reduce this more, but for the moment it is a miracle I even got down to this number.

Day 21 -Photos [not complete]
Reduced some physical photos, though this was mostly done since I did this recently. When you live on the coast and vacation along the coast, do you know how identical the ocean can look pretty much no matter where you are? I have hundreds of pictures of the ocean and I can't even tell you where most of them were taken. Or how about basically the same picture taken at a slightly different angle? Do I really need to go through 30 pictures that look almost identical? Mental clutter, physical clutter.  I also got rid of thousands of digital photos also. That was nice. I then, for the first time organized them by year starting with the year 2000 (when we got our first digital camera). I also added some scans from when I was younger to a folder. This was quite a task but so worth it. Especially since my dog, Lexis, is now gone I can look back on photos and tell how old she was in them. Also, since I got to Florida every year, my photos no longer blend together as "one year".

Day 23 Electronics [not completed]
Got rid of GameCube, GameBoy Advance, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Creative Labs Zen Micro, Sony Portable CD Player. I love playing Animal Crossing, but now that I have Animal Crossing: City Folk and a Wii, I just don't seem to play it. I already sold Sonic Heros and Super Mario Sunshine, so there is no reason to keep a console around for one game. I only bought the GameBoy Advance because I hook it up to the Game Cube for "extra gaming features" in Animal Crossing. I have a Gameboy Color that I am still happy with. Bought the keyboard and mouse and never use them. I have 2 iPods, so no need to keep the Zen Micro. And who walks around with a portable CD player anymore? Not I.

Day 26 - Jewelry [not completed]
Got rid of some, put the rest into individual baggies to organize and keep untangled/pairs together. I really need to purge more. At least they are less overwhelming now in baggies. Another day.

And that is it for 6/21/12!

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