Monday, October 10, 2011

From Stacks to Slim

Guess what I pre-ordered the other day...

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Yup, the new Kindle Fire! Now you may think "isn't this the opposite of minimalism?". Well, for me it fits right into what I want for my minimalism life, so if it fits my standards then it is okay. My reasoning is that this new Kindle will keep those stacks of books off my shelves. No books, no books to dust around, lug around, look at taunting me to read... I originally wanted just the Kindle 3. I was, and still would be, very happy with that one. I waited very long to get this (at least 1.5 years) and had been holding out for something in color. Reason being is because my reading goes beyond novels but to childrens books as well. The bonus is I will be able to see mags and pdf's in color as well. And while even though the Kindle Fire is out I still lust for the basic Kindle 3. But in the end I can't get the body of the Kindle 3 with color so I have to outweigh my priorities.

Either way, I am getting a Kindle Fire! Woo!

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