Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Changing Habits

I realized it is not just a state of mind I need to reach minimalism, but also a change of habit. I can read blog after blog, website after website, and get the state of mind down to a science, but I really need to change the habits along with my mind to be successful at this. So here is my list so far of what I need to change.

* Stop regularly shopping at Goodwill - This is a bad habit of mine. It may seem like I am frugal when I shop there, but really I am buying a bunch of things I don't need that clutters up my space. I get, when it comes down to it, the most useless stuff. For instance, I realized while getting rid of stuff that I am getting rid of a lot of other peoples souvenirs. I am in love with FL and I tend to collect anything from WDW including even those souvenir popcorn containers or mugs or porcelain figurines get the idea. I also have a habit of grabbing items that could be upcycled or even just look too good to be sitting at Goodwill.

* Stop holding onto the "just in case" items

* Stop holding onto items just because people gave them to me or made them for me

* Stop holding onto items I intend to use but never do

* Stop holding onto clothes I don't wear just because I might "need" them someday

* Stop shopping just because I have money in the bank

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