Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sixth Day of 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp

Kind of sad that Day 2 is over. I liked having something to do from the couch when I didn't feel up to par. And since I haven't felt good for quite a while, tackling Day 2 made me feel productive.

Day 2 - Music [Done]
Tackled the rest of my music today. Went through 13 got rid of 12. I couldn't bear to get rid of the Backstreet Boys first album. You can't make me! It's a classic! Anyways, the process would have gone slightly longer than it did but 3 CDs would not play on my laptop. They were making funny sounds in the slot. The reason for 2 of them was because I had added CD labels to them. This was long before I owned a laptop and the family computer had a tray instead of a slot at the time. I figure instead of popping them into the CD player and seeing what was on them, I would just give them a toss. I won't miss what I didn't know I had! I still have 3-4 CDs I keep in my car, but I am keeping those and only 1 of them is being purged.

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