Sunday, July 8, 2012

Next Steps

Hobbies - I originally wanted to keep my craft room as the last thing to tackle, but I realized I need that space to store the donation items and items to sell. I know that they say to get rid of them immediately, but the closest Goodwill is 40 minutes away because my parents felt the need to live on the moon. Getting these items out of my room will help to see improvement in my bedroom. It is hard to go through a room when the things you purged are still in the room.

Clothing - Go through the rest of my clothes, try on clothes in "try on" bag

Books - Scan any patterns that I can't part with before I donate the books

Photos - Scan the rest of the physical copies. Save to external hard drive. Tag people in photos. Delete some more digital photos

Office - Go through office supplies, put stuff I grab for a lot in desk, rest goes in box

Jewelry - Get rid of more. Keep favorites and a couple extras

Clothing Accessories - Go through bags

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